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Speedwell Research produces comprehensive research on great public companies to equip investors with a thorough understanding of the business. Each research report covers a single company and goes into an incredible level of detail. The investment analysis is not focused on quarterly trends, but rather distilling information down to make the big picture clear. To learn more about what you get with a Speedwell Membership, please visit our website.

The name Speedwell comes from the ship that helped ferry passengers to the Mayflower, which is how we view our role: we want to help investors so they can take their own journeys.  

What You Get

Many Friday Mornings we will releases a memo. The rest you will get more sporadically

  • Friday Morning Memos. Most articles will be a business or investor memo, but we will also occassionally release excerpts from the Business History section of our Extensive Research Reports. These weekly articles will be released alongside a Podcast of us reading that article if you prefer to listen. (Podcast Feed: Apple, Spotify)

  • Exploratory Reports. These are shorter reports that are typically about 1/3rd the length of our Extensive Research Reports. We will occasionally release these in full for free. The first one we released can be found here.

  • Deep Dive Blurbs. Everytime we finish an Extensive Research Report we write a short blurb on the company and publish it alongside the report’s table of contents.

  • Company Updates. After we write an Extensive Research Report on a company, we provide on-going updates. Many of these will be posted for free here.

  • Weekly Recaps. When a notable amount of news or content piles up, we will provide a short recap of it all.

What You Don’t Get

  • Extensive Research Reports. These our are marquee research product and are written to be relatively timeless. Each report covers everything an investor needs to thoroughly understand the company. You can learn more about our research philosophy here. Members gain access to our full library of reports.

  • PM Summaries. With each Extensive Report we publish a short couple page summary.

  • Company Updates. We provide at least 2 annual updates for each company we have written an Extensive Research Report on. Members will receive all of these updates and get them on a more timely basis.

  • Exploratory Reports. We will publish 4+ of these shorter research reports each year. Members will receive all of this.

Become a Speedwell Member to gain access to all of these benefits. (Many members have gotten their memberships expensed. If you need us to talk with your compliance department to become an approved vendor, please reach out at

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