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Episode Formats.

We have four episode formats currently.

1) Company.

These shows cover a single company, drawing on Speedwell Research’s in-depth research reports. Each of these episodes is anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours and aims to be the most comprehensive podcast available for each company.

Given how much research is required for each Company episode, we typically only publish 1 each month. However, we have a growing backlog of company episodes that are just as relevant and helpful as ever.

2) Dialogue.

These episodes are a coversation around various business and investing topics. We have covered various Speedwell writings, business concepts, as well as commentary on current events. Despite these being more casual conversations, a listener should be able to still gain something from them even far into the future.

3) Article.

The article podcast episodes are where we read one our memos. While not everyone will prefer to listen to a memo instead of reading it for themselves, we provide these episodes for those that do.

Every Friday morning we publish a new memo on and publish an Article podcast of us reading it.

4) Interviews.

We will have on select guest that either are investors or business operators. We aim to have more of a fluid conversation with our guest, rather than just a Q&A. This is a newer initative and we have many guests in the works, but if you think you would be a good fit, feel free to reach out to us at

Learn more about our podcast and how we hope to differ in this post.

Podcast Directory.

Company Episodes.

Dialogue Episodes.

Interview Episodes.

Article Episodes.

  • Metaphor Malware: The Clumsy Thinking That Is Crippling Your Business Understanding

  • If the Model Doesn’t Work, Don’t Fix It: A Look at Traditional Apparel Retailers, Zara, and Shein

  • If You Don't Know What Game You're Playing, You've Already Lost

  • The Future of Ecommerce That Wasn’t: An In-depth Look into What Went Wrong with Wish

  • Meta-Optimizations: Knowing Whe a Business is Operating from Strength or Weakness

  • Understanding Modularity: How Apple, Bloomberg, and Amazon Kept Strategic Coherency

  • How Pies, Proofs, and Punch Cards Hold Key Insights into the Cost of Equity

  • The Risk Circle: Deciding What Risks Matter and When

  • Priced to Outperform Perfection: The Home Depot Circa 1999

  • Google Shut the Door on Competition, AI Swung it Back Open

  • The Piton Network: Decisions that Simultaneously Support and Limit the Future Decision Space

  • Ten Lessons from Copart’s 40 Years in Business: Learning from Willis Johnson and Jay Adair

  • Walker & Dunlop Business History

  • Etsy Business History

  • Constellation Software Business History